4 Worlds with Alice Coltrane

The believer said,
"God is the greatest of all poets,
for God has written a poem of only one Word,
which contains everything that has meaning
and everything that does not.
This is why we sing praises
to God."

Yaahuuv. We entered the first world.

The dancer said,
"Even greater is the Goddess
who creates the universe without a Word.
She just hums.
Therefor we sing for no reason."

Yaahuuvaah. We entered the second world.

The old woman who lives next door said,
"I put all the stars into my dough
and baked it for you.
Smell this bread.
Hold it in your hand, and eat."

Yaahuuvaa-hey. We entered the third world.

Now what do You say?
"Thank You. Thank You."

Now what do You say?
"Thank You. Thank You."

We enter the fourth world.

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