'A God With God?'

"Is there a God with God?" ~Holy Qu'ran, Sura 27:61 (This verse is recited at 15:25 of the video below.)

I would honestly answer, Yes. There is a God with God: God's reflection in the mirror of his own consciousness.

This is what Vedic science calls "the Self-referral quality of Consciousness." It is why the One becomes three-in-one: Sat-Chit-Ananda, Being, Awareness, Bliss.

Consciousness creates a subject-object relation within its Self, which is really a Subject-Subject relation, a relation of "I and Thou" within That.

Christianity describes this same dynamism within the One. For Christians, the Other in the Self is the Child of the Father, the Alone-Born Son of God, conceived through the creative Spirit, who is the Mother. She is the reflecting power of divine creativity, the mirror of God in God. Father, Mother Spirit and Son are all Self-reflections in the dynamic playfulness of pure consciousness.

In the mothering mirror of virgin silence, the Child is born as the image of divine light. God looks into the mirror of his own Spirit and sees the face of Christ. Then Christ looks in the same mirror and sees You. You were also born of that joy!

Yes, there is a God with God, and that God is I, that God is You, countless Gods with God, reflecting and glorifying the Self. This our Sat-sang and our never-ending Birth.

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