With every breath, I abandon my vow
to stay away from astonishment,
the calling of your name that erases
all my careful borders
and makes me spill into space
between the planets and the sun.
I cannot resist this undressing of forms.
Your name turns to honey, drips down
from the roots of my brain,
curling my toes with delight.
You are too strong for me: even a little
makes me foolish and wise, makes me
pour everything into the crescent moon cup
of my heart, where breathing stops,
seduced to dissolve like sugar in wine.
Offer me lemons now, and ginger:
I will warm them in the same secret bowl
of prayer and yearning, whose aroma
will surely make the stars tipsy tonight.
They will dance, round and round,
and we will blush, each of us
the rose in the others face.

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