How far must you travel to shift into your Self? How far must you go to align your heart with its own Radiance?

It is not the alignment of planets but the alignment of hearts that transforms the world. Let every breath you breath quietly affirm, "I AM the jewel in the lotus. I AM the shift."

Every event in the heavens is just a sign pointing to a transformation inside you. Whatever the sky is doing, it is always pointing toward your heart, offering an invitation to awaken now! You need not travel to the center of the galaxy for wisdom and light. You need travel no further than the distance of one breath, from your lips to your heart. Your own awakened breath spreads waves of happiness throughout the stars.

Here is a Hubble telescopic photo of the The Lynx Arc, discovered in 2003 and considered to be the hottest known star-birthing region in the Universe. It is located as a tiny pulse of love, floating in the space of your heart, in the constellation Lynx, 12 billion light years from earth, the distance between your crown chakra and your solar plexus, 8 million times farther and one million times brighter than the Orion Nebula.

Now is the time to dissolve the illusion of distance. With a single inhalation, travel from earth to heaven; with a single exhalation, travel from the galactic edge to the center.

Worlds depend on your breath. The apocalyptic imagery of the scriptures is written in symbology, referring not to events in the external cosmos, but events in your own body. Let the seven planetary chakras come into alignment with the sun of your heart. And let your heart shift into alignment with the black hole at its core, the mother-womb of pure consciousness.

You are the love you seek. Become the radiant one you've been yearning for. This is the shift, the Second Coming: awaken the Christ in you.

Have a beautiful birth.

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