Education Without Meditation Is Darkness

It is shameful that our schools do not include meditation in their curriculum.

90% of our schooling is Regurgitation. 9.9% is Analysis: breaking things into pieces and labeling them. 0.1% of education is Awareness.

Yet what our culture lacks most is awareness. We have material things. We have an overload of information. We have ever-more media and gadgetry. But we lack a systematic inner technology for deepening, purifying, and expanding awareness.

What good is knowledge if the container of knowledge is stressed, frail, and small? Of what use is learning if the one who learns knows nothing of his own consciousness?

We are teaching classes in the dark. Wouldn't a wise teacher begin by turning the light on in the classroom? Yet when someone says, "Excuse me, but shouldn't we turn the light on before starting class?" they are scorned and mocked.

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