I'm Taking Your Land: God Told Me To

Take the land of native tribes, force them to live on reservations in God-forsaken strips of desert, and if they fight back, call them "savages." When that gets tired, call them "terrorists." 

And when you want to justify such treatment of indigenous Third World people, just write a passage like Deuteronomy 20, verses 10-18, and proclaim that it's the Word of God.

Like all other bodies of literature, some of the Bible is written from a high level of inspiration and some of it is just imperious drivel, based on tribal superstition. We have every right to edit the Bible, taking what resonates with our hearts and rejecting what doesn't, just as we do with any other literature. 

The notion that one must be a good little boy and take the whole Bible as one book, written by one Spirit, is the absurd doctrine from a council of old men who were only interested in solidifying their patriarchal power and who I'm pretty sure are all dead. 

I love to study the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek, which I learned in seminary. This miscellaneous collection of scrolls, written by many authors over centuries, is a fascinating mirror of human consciousness, reflecting our ignorance as well as our yearning for the Source. 

There are two classic mistakes of Biblical interpretation: accepting the whole thing, and rejecting the whole thing. We can take what uplifts us. But we need not accept for one minute any notion that each passage in the Bible is "holy Word." The "Word of God" is not the Bible or the Quran. The Word of God is the vibration of divine love in your heart, resonating with the center of the galaxy. 

Choose what uplifts and edifies the better angels of our nature: reject the rest. You are not limited by the scriptures or revelations of the past. You ARE the revelation of this time, and the New Earth is here now.

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