Solstice Meditation: 'Open Heart Open Mind'

This guided meditation / poem was part of the introduction to the sound healing concert at the Winter Solstice, 2012, given by Open Heart Open Mind and the Vibe Tribe, at Waves Studio in Olympia WA. Thank you to the sound masters, Karl, David and Scott, their Tibetan Singing Bowls and Didgeridoo! They helped me realize that words are broken wings compared to the clear sky of divine music.

May the sound of your heart be the trembling silence
that was here before God said, Let there be light.

Whatever you call 'music,'
may it draw you back into the unstruck bowl 

of your breastbone, wider than a galaxy,
swirling with star song.
Listen, friend, come home
to the valley of quietness
between your Mother's breasts.

Be a pebble dropped in a well
until the fear of falling melts
into hollower knowledge:
you are the well.
These ripples have no cause.
Nothing has fallen.
Now pour out wine, the nectar
of emptiness.

All this spinning begins here, in your chest. 
Listen to seven planets ringing 
in your round bell of breath.
One exhalation contains every distance 

between edges and centers,
rim stars and the void.
Worlds depend on finishing 

this sigh
and arriving at the place
where burning cinders turn to pearl.

Creatures who give themselves entirely to love 

never say ‘far,’ ‘near,’ ‘until.’
Aren’t we all arising through each others' grace? 

I am because you are, you are because I am. 
Letting this happen is love.
Now here is something that really works:
Don't try!

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