Straight and Narrow

Jesus said, "The way is straight and narrow." But the straight and narrow way does not mean the only way. 

There are as many ways to the divine as there are human hearts, because each way is simply the way of the heart to its own center. If I follow the way to my heart-center with one-pointed faith and surrender, my way becomes the straight and narrow.

Any radius from the circumference to the center of a circle is straight and narrow. But as there are an infinite number of possible points on the circumference, so there are an infinite number of radii to the center.

Let our way be so straight and so narrow that it only takes an instant! Whichever way we choose, let us come without delay, without anxiety or doubt. Come to the center now.


Anonymous said...

Please do not tell me how to be and how not to be, where to go and come, and with and without what. Thanks.

AKL said...

The irony is, Im not telling you anything. You choose to spend time here and respond. No one asked you to. So something here attracted you and grabbed you and made you react. Look into that which made you react. Hold it in your awareness until it dissolves. Then you will be free of me, and of yourself. Peace.

Renate said...

Peace is...when someone stops telling anyone (who did not even ask) what to do. In my view.

AKL said...

So why are you here? No one told you you had to come? My freedom to speak in no way limits your freedom not to listen.