What The Sound Means

Winter Solstice 2012. May my brain listen to my heart. May this mind descend into the gently pulsating radiance at the center of my perfectly human body. Resting there, let me hear the Unstruck Sound emanating from the core of the galaxy, the golden Hum of divine silence, creating stars in the heavens and photons in my flesh.

"Adau Bhagavan Shabdha Rasahi": "In the beginning, God created the universe through a current of sound."

One may hear this sound stream as Om, Ram, Soham, Alla'hu, or Elohim. One may hear it as the vibrant effortless seed-mantra given by the Guru at initiation. Or one may hear it as the nameless whisper of the Holy Spirit Breath. But what it means is the same in any language: "I Love, therefor I Am."

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