Right This Moment

All is a breath. Don't ask whose. Just keep offering what is given.

Right this moment, it makes no difference what you ate. It makes no difference what you did yesterday, or this morning, whether it was right or wrong, success or failure.

Right this moment, it makes absolutely no difference what you believe, or disbelieve, whether you are a Christian or an Atheist, a Buddhist or a Wiccan.

Right this moment, it only matters that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are loved by an infinite love.

You are engulfed in an ocean of love. Love's tidal waves sweep gently, silently, in and out of your heart with every breath.

Each atom of air, photon of food, electron in your body, swirling galaxy of stars, is made from the same radiance, the radiance You Are, the radiance I Am, the radiance of pure love.

Love is the nature of consciousness, just as it is, right this moment. Perfect love is always already here.

All we need to do, all we have to be, is awake.

Artist Link: Josephine Wall

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