Who Beats My Heart?

I can't keep track of my atoms.
I don't even know the number of cells in the tip of my pinkie. 
I have no idea how to command my molecules, "Rearrange yourselves for I have just drunk wine!"

At night when I'm sleeping, who breathes me? 
Who beats my heart, and how much do I owe him?
When I meditate, who orders my neurons to fire in synchrony? Who whispers, "chill out" to my adrenal gland
And when I wake up in the morning, who shouts to my pituitary, "Less water, more fire!"

I asked a scientist to explain all this, but he couldn't measure the light-years in a single atom. 
I asked a guru, but he just mumbled in some lost language full of M's.

How do you expect me to balance my checkbook when I can't count my electrons, or tell you who performs this body of miracles?

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