Stay with the seed. If we keep dissolving the great into the small, we will never lose touch with the infinite.

In the changeless space of the Witness, we marvel as we watch outmoded systems collapse. Even our so-called "government." No system - financial, military, or religious - is too big to fail. Old global hierarchies are rapidly passing away. As we give thanks for the whole dance of creation and destruction, we choose to focus on creation.

In this beautiful dance of Kali, we allow bloated dysfunctional institutions to dissolve back into elemental particles of human community: Circles.

At this moment in our evolution, we are not called to form mass movements or national organizations, but small local circles. Circles regenerate humanity from the humblest grass roots level.

When we create local shamanic circles, our global destiny organizes itself. We don't waste our vast ever-expanding Presence on something so small as the future.

Wherever you are, it is time to gather in your circle. Song Circle, Dance Circle, Healing Circle, Weaving Circle, Meditation Circle, bio-regional Tribal Circle of political self- empowered, Circle of Little Children asking big questions, Circle of Organic Farmers, circle of local business entrepreneurs organizing a credit union, circle of local energy producers organizing a worker-owned cooperative, Shamanic Circle linking earth people and star people.

In circles that spiral ancient wisdom toward infinite possibility, we are feathers on the phoenix that is rising from the ashes. We are fire.

Painting by Marina Petro

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