Advice Not Taken From A Gnat

The gnat said to the caterpillar, 'Don't waste time in a cocoon. Teach yourself to fly like me.'

But the caterpillar felt a strange yearning. The cry of imaginal cells arose from her belly. So she built a cocoon and went deep into the mystery of silence. The gnat said, 'She's doing nothing in there.' Then the gnat curled up and died in a thimble-full of frost.

After a timeless swim through the void, a quiver arose on the twig, a bundle of withered excretion burst like an old wound, and a double rainbow of glistening Spring unfurled pure flight. She wondered, 'Who is moving, the sky or my wings?' She imagined her translucent body in the world, and so it is. She imagined the world in her translucent body, and so it is.

Never say that nothing happens in meditation. It is an infinite transformation. But when you come out, you must not forget to use your rainbow wings.

LINK: Scientist Lincoln Brower describers the 'biological miracle' of the imaginal cells in a butterfly's cocoon.

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