Grace Doesn't Care

'God causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.' ~Matthew 5:45

Light doesn't care where it shines. Neither does Grace.

A buttercup receives as much radiance as the whole Catholic Church. The fluttering silence of a dragonfly can teach you as much as the Master.

The notion that God picks and chooses is an invention of the human ego. Grace does not prefer a golden grail to an earthen jar, or a Christian cup to a Buddhist bowl.

God is a profligate wine steward offering the best vintage all night long, to the party crasher as well as the invited guest. Our capacity to receive varies not according to God's preference, but to the degree that our cup is empty.

Philippians 2:7 states that Jesus 'emptied himself' completely. The Greek word is 'kinosis,' self-emptying. That is why he was so full of light.

Once I asked my Gurudev, 'Who are you, really? Some compare you to Shankara, to Jesus, to Krishna. So who are you?' He looked at me with eyes as resplendently void as the center of the galaxy. Then he said, 'I am Nobody.'

He meant it. To understand what he meant has taken me decades, but I knew that moment he was my Guru.

No Church, no Pope, no Master, no Elect, no People are 'chosen.' The whole ocean of divine Grace pours into each human heartbeat, whoever we are, despite our past deeds. We drown in glory, as poppies are drenched in sunbeams. Yet this blossom only receives to the degree that it opens.

Don't pray for God's Grace. Assume that you already have it, pressed out and overflowing in this very breath. The Way is not to travel anywhere, but to open, to open, to open, right where you are.

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