If You Sing

If you sing to God, whether you cry Allah, Jesus, Radhe or Shyam, I will listen.

If you dance with God, whether veiled or naked, I will play the drum.

If you shake your fist at God, I will say Amen, for that is also prayer.

If you move barefoot and silent through the forest, every step an offering, I will follow.

For the foot is sacred, the earth is sacred, the walk itself is God.

Whirl me in your sunbeam like a withered leaf; wash me in your mountain brook; bewilder the wild place in my soul.

But do not recite me dead men's letters, your ancient prophets, your holy scrolls; speak your own word.

I am not of the past, I do not believe; I taste and see, I feast on the living.

Words must be on fire to enter my chest, or made of roots and twigs, moonbeams, darkness.

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