New Year's Prayer

Willy and I welcome you into the New Year. But of course, there is no New Year, and no Old Year. There is no difference at all between 2017 and 2018, or 2018 BC for that matter. It's all one ancient stream of Presence, flowing into itself. Yet if I were to pray for our New Year, I would pray this prayer...

Every morning, may a sparrow remind me that gratitude is the source of all blessings. May I gaze at the smallest creature and know how rich I am. May I bathe in a continuous revelation of ferns, nests, and berries. May my path ever end in wonder, and my answer arise in silence. May I meet you in the only safe and sacred place, the present moment. Let us now and always look into each others eyes and see a divine Thou, who is our very Self.

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