Even the gods must be born on earth as human beings in order to gain liberation on the cross of paradox, centered between the opposites. This is not possible in heaven, in the bondage of the golden chains of delight.

Remember how bored you were in paradise? The blissful continuum provided no contrast to itself. You sank into sweet drowsiness, at the banquet of the gods. Then you bowed at the throne of the One and said, "There must be something more. Surprise me!" So here you are, each moment filled with love and pain.

(Painting: 'Banquet of the God,' Hendrick deClerck, b.1750)


  1. "Anything done to excess becomes boring, except this overflow that moves toward You." Rumi.... I never get tired of Paradise :)
    Go Broncos! LOL

  2. "Even the gods and demi-gods are envious of humans on earth, for only in this realm of paradox is liberation possible." Yoga Vashishta