Beyond Compare

 At any given moment, one can truly say, "Life doesn't get any better than this," because no other moment exists. There is no "better" future or past to which I can compare this now.

When I give up the business of comparison, my thoughts, desires, anxieties and regrets instantly collapse into wholeness - a continuum of silent awareness that pervades every detail of the moment, wherever I may be, regardless of the content of my experience, regardless of its circumstances.

The quality of wholeness is perfect simplicity, fullness, healing, and peace. Immersion in this ocean of wholeness imparts these same qualities to others in the environment, because there is only one field of awareness in which both "I" and "other" are waves of the continuum. To be a true peace-maker is to give up anxiety about the world, and become utterly present in this incomparable moment.

Once I surrender all comparison, and embrace the ineluctable fact that there is nothing "better" or "worse" than this moment, life unfolds seamlessly, without a problem, for I have removed the resistance to it.

Without a problem? Yes. A "problem" is just a situation perceived through the narrow mind of comparison. There are, in fact, no problems - only situations. More accurately, there is only one ever-evolving situation, which regardless of its form or circumstance is just the seamless, effortless, relaxed, spontaneous flow of Being unfolding its inherent joy and perfection.

The irony is, this unconditional surrender to Being, in untainted contentment, allows me to become truly creative. This is why the Bible portrays the creator as blessing the universe with Sabbath rest, and in the Vedic tradition, why Vishnu maintains the cosmos while in repose on the milk ocean. Repose is the secret seed of action.

When I no longer compare myself to any man, or to any ideal from the past and future, I relax into my original. I rest in the ever-unfolding creativity of God. For at the very heart of creation is a dynamically relaxed condition of non-resistance, non-struggle, and non-violence.

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