Changing the World?

At the finest level of creation, on the threshold of silence, the particles of the world annihilate and rebirth themselves out of the vacuum every instant. In the final analysis, this clear empty space of infinite mathematical possibility is pure consciousness. This means that the universe is a sparkling ocean of wonder, a miracle of unfathomable energy without past or future, a continuum with no division into subject and object.

It is our mind that superimposes time, with stories about the past and future, onto this instantaneous creation. These stories are usually full of conflict between "good" and "evil," light and darkness, and imminent disaster. We project our story onto the energy around us in a desperate attempt to control the apparent chaos of the Unknown. We do not see that the Unknown is miraculous and beautiful: all we see is our story.

We are not in control. We are marvelously and blessedly out-of-control. How could we possibly do anything to save the world if we cannot even control our own minds? If we really want to change the world, let us change our mind. How, by dissolving it. Dissolve the patterns and stories instead of projecting them into our energy field. Then see if this ever-changing, ephemeral, miraculous and lovely creation really needs to be saved at all.

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