It is not such a blessing to be in the presence of a person whose mind is full of thoughts, even if they are very "intelligent." In fact, it can be exhausting. It's a greater blessing to be with one whose mind is awake in stillness, silent, free from thoughts. Look into their eyes. They will invite you, saying without words, "Welcome to the miracle." This is how little children meet on the playground.

When we allow the stream of the world to arise unimpeded by our mental commentary, we don't have to look at the world through a haze of ideas about it.

Then everything sparkles with primordial shakti, inherent power. Awareness participates in the Wordless continuum of creation. We see the world as miracle. Like two birds singing among magnolia blossoms, we can still enjoy words and have a conversation. But the words don't arise from our mind. They are not words "about" the world around us.

Our word arises out of the continuum, the stream of energy that creates the world. Our conversation is libretto to the music of the earth. We do not have a "conversation with God." Our conversation is God.

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