Happy New Year

Atma, the supreme Self, dwells beyond time. Mind, by thinking, creates time and dwells in the past and future. Atma whispers, 'Happy New Year!' to awaken this mind to eternity now. May the Light within make you rich with love every moment of the coming year!

As the Purusha, Atma remains settled in the absolute field of timelessness. Yet its Shakti projects this body-mind into the relative field, Prakriti, or nature, where we become subject to the laws of karma and the game of time. 

Play the game well. Play your part. Be meticulous. Be on time. But if you fuck up, don't worry about it. We are actors in a theater where we are also the audience, witnessing our own tragicomedy. How exquisite! To be both the doer and the witness, both bound by form for the sake of the drama, yet unbound in pure conscious.

Those who say that time doesn't matter because they live in the "eternal now" are as clumsy as those who never tap into the Timeless at all. The next time you book a flight to take a trip, and you arrive at the airport
too late for your connection, go complain to the agents at the desk that time doesn't matter because you live in the now. They will laugh at you. The fact is, you were not on time.

As long as we have a mind and body projected into Prakriti, that mind and body will be subject to the elements of nature. Therefore, if we want to be successful in life, we must utilize the relative structures in the collective consciousness of humanity:
the signs and houses of the Zodiac, the Gregorian calender, the months of the year, the twelve hours on the clock. From the perspective of  Atma, these cycles may be illusions; but as mind and body, we must play their game carefully.

It doesn't require much art to live in a cave, or much wisdom to be busy in the marketplace. But it requires the most exquisite art and wisdom is to live "in the world but not of the world," reposing as the timeless Self while the personality plays its active role in time. God are reborn on earth to learn that skill.

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