Lessons of the Year

Lessons of 2014? Most of us can't even remember what we were hysterical or wrathful about this time last year. In fact, in the impeccable precision of chaos, most of us were learning precisely the lesson we needed to learn each moment.

We did not die of Ebola. In fact, scientists have discovered abundant sources of antibiotics in the very soil itself. ISIS did not overrun the United States, or even the Middle East. Obama did not start another major war. The streets of America did not explode into anarchy and chaos. The military police did not seize control of our government.

The U.S. economy did not collapse; in fact it expanded more than any major economy in the world. None of us died of a disease caused by GMO's. Our planet was not eaten by an angry red solar flare.
The world did not end. But Christ did come again, in every crocus, every bloodwart, every honey bee. And several billion people performed infinitesimal acts of kindness, upholding the arc of goodness through the universe.

Lesson for 2015? Every moment, we do what we are called to do, without anxiety, knowing that in our incomparable uniqueness, even the most insignificant work, performed with love, may transform the cosmos. The Earth remains a beautiful planet, gently tumbling from season to season, like a clumsy bride blessed by light and shadow. One who cannot love the shadows as deeply as the light, is not ready for the privilege of dwelling here.

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