Nothing is Extraordinary but Awareness

Nothing in the world is extraordinary.

When I actually arrive at the mountain top, or at the birth place of Jesus, it turns out to be just as ordinary as standing in the back yard, before I started my journey.

Nothing in the world is extraordinary but awareness, and awareness is not of this world. Awareness is the Seer of the world. When I am truly aware, I see the ordinary through the light of the miraculous, because the miracle is What Sees.

No peak, no diamond, no sexual delight, no wine, no symphony, no sense perception is ever extraordinary in itself. We fantasize the pinnacle of achievement, but even if our wildest fantasy comes true, when we get there, it is mundane.

If I cannot see the ordinary in the miraculous light of true awakening, then beholding the grand canyon, or a masterpiece my Michelangelo, has the same quality as looking at my big toe.

The Extraordinary shines from within as the scintillating radiance of consciousness itself. The Miraculous flowers in my heart, then pours its fragrance through my senses onto the alter of the world. But the blossoming of the Infinite begins at the source of breath. Silence sparkles before the music starts.

Therefor ignite your Shakti, the power within the within. Then baptize the earth in the splendor you were placed here to give. You were not created to receive Beauty, but to pour it forth. See every leaf and raindrop, every pebble in the stream, the eye of the newborn child, the face of the dying man, as perfect, holy and marvelous, because the Seer is perfect, holy, and marvelous.

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