Truth Has No Name

A thought rooted in the ground of eternal silence is ten million times more powerful than a thought in a thread of mental chatter.

Truth is not the final idea in a chain of intellectual argument. Truth is the radiant fullness of empty awareness, before a single thought arises.

When I attempt to preach Truth, I uproot it from the field of silence, and Truth withers away. When I claim that Truth is contained in a Book, I shut it in a prison.

There is no such thing as a sacred text. What is sacred is the Silence where the words come from, and the space between them. That is what we feel. Truth has no name.

We hear "great" words and "great" music. We see "great" works of art. But what makes them "great"? The silence they come from. It percolates through their form. In his "Diaries and Notes," Leonardo Da Vinci wrote: "Among the great things that are to be found among us, the Being of nothingness is the greatest." His art manifested the unmanifest.

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