7 Antiphons for the Night Vigil

As often as there are stars I asked
Why? The night was silent.
Then just once I said Thou.
The night became a song.

Healing comes
from a heartbroken place
where you've breathed out
everything you carried.
Stay there.
The next breath
is God's love.

I inhale you
with all your weight of grieving
and my heart grows lighter.
This is how bees carry
the pollen home.
All that burdens us with trust
is destined for sweetness.

Dogen saw stars in a dewdrop.
Ananda saw the Buddha in a flower.
I saw Christ gazing back at me
from the bottom of the empty cup.
Some pour it all out to get here.
I got here by drinking

May the pilgrim
melt into her path,
the path into the goal,
the goal into Presence,
the very first step
into waylessness.

A gentler world begins
in the way you touch your heart.
Be soft with the Light inside you.
Caress your body with a sacred breath.
The Lord is nothing more.
You are the glimmering destination.
You are the golden honey daubed
on the bread of the ordinary.
Whatever is perfect,
whatever is heavenly,
starts here.

Breathe in darkness, breathe out light.
This is prayer at midnight.
Breathe in blood red, breathe out blue.
Be the hollow sky at two.
Breathe out peace and breathe in war.
Tears of compassion at four.
Breathe in Winter, breathe out Spring.
Dawn, hear one sparrow sing.
Just to be Present is heaven on earth.
Every breath is a rebirth.

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