Jai Guru Dev

To me, the greatest discovery a human can make on earth is that we can transcend the mind.

Though containing no object, no image and no thought, the Knowledge gained by transcending the mind is infinitely greater than anything the mind could know. It is the deepest freedom, and the only real peace.

This Knowledge is nearer to me than "I" am: the all-enfolding nature of boundless space aware of its Self before a single thought arises. It is the luminosity of the Void, vibrant with waves of love.

Where Knowing, Being, and Joy are one and the same, this is the Self. This is God. And with a few minutes of deep meditation each morning and evening, this becomes the practical ground of ordinary experience.

Jai Guru Dev. All gratitude to the masters who have handed down this elegantly simple meditation through the ages.

LINK: NBC News on how Transcendental Meditation transforms inner city schools in San Francisco.

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