If you think that the Formless is impersonal, it is a great mistake; out of the Formless flow waves of intimacy.
Lovers close their eyes when they kiss, and disappear into divine darkness.
Empty sky encircles the clouds with the color of pure beauty; fragrance expands beyond the petals of the rose, calling bees to the garden.
Awareness is Shiva, enfolding the tiniest bud and the farthest star in delight; you are that delight.
You are a vastness nearer than the mind; you are awake before the first thought, even the thought of "I."
You are the primordial amazement that has not yet cried "O!" You are the space of wonder.
A pearl white breath like nectar pours from the infinitesimal emerald shining on the stamen at the center of your heart, where you rest in the stillness of the self - Shivo'ham.
You don't need to acquire a thing; just let go of what you are not.
In the beginning, there was a hollow in your chest, ringing like a gong.
All the planets, suns and galaxies were smelted out of that sound; their spiraling golden echoes cooled into flesh.
You are a forest pool, you are the reflection of night in the still water, you are the silence among the ancient trees; in your moonlit darkness, birds sing.
You pervade every atom with boundless Presence; you are the Peace all human souls are seeking -Shivo'ham.
You do not do meditation, you are meditation; Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham! 

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