Yes or No?

There is no universal law requiring us to say Yes or No, to take sides, or to have an opinion. Sometimes it is wiser simply to rest in infinite possibility.
Powerful action arises directly from the Void, as intuitive intelligence. This intuitive intelligence of the Void percolates through every cell in our body. It has nothing to do with ideologies and belief systems. Our total cellular intelligence chooses every moment, whether to eat this or that, to turn right or left at the crossroad, to listen to jazz or classical.
Those who are stuck in ideology do not respond to the living earth. They try to impose their ideal of the world upon actual life. The ideal always represents the past, projected into the future, but has no relationship with the energy of Presence. To impose an ideal or an ideology on the present moment  is an assault, an act of aggressive, not a caring response to life. Beware of any man or woman with a plan.
No one needs to change the world. The world is constantly changing all by itself. The body is constantly changing with it. We just need to bring them into synchrony, to dance, moment by moment.
What those who insist on changing the world really need to change, is their minds. The world is never rigid or fixated: it is the mind that becomes rigid and fixed in its ideology. We live a culture of belief. Most of us feel pressured every day to take sides, adopt this religion or that, join one political party or the other. Do we ever ask ourselves why we need a religion or a political party, or why we must believe in anything?
Do you need to believe in your breath in order to breathe? Must you believe in your name? Must you believe in sleep in order to go there at night? Belief is just clinging to thoughts that have already come and gone...
Thoughts arise and dissolve innocently in the ocean of consciousness. They are part of the dance, and perfectly harmless if we don't cling to them. But when we cling to a thought, it becomes an opinion. Then it becomes an ideology. Then it becomes a war.
Non-violence is directly related to the discovery that we can act from Being rather than believing. Being responds to what arises in the present moment, and this is true response-ability. Being is action now, but belief is re-action, formed in the past. Action moved by ideology is almost always a form of violence. Action moved by Being is peace.

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