Sabbath Blessing

Attend to the blessing. This is your work today. 

Through these eyes, ears and nostrils, blessing flows inward from the dew spark on a thistle, throbbing fragrance of hyacinth, long-awaited April thrush. And through these eyes, ears, nostrils, blessing flows outward, the consecrated ointment of perception.

Both tides, subject and object, are the bubbling incandescence of an instant, dissolving in one sea of Self-Delight. You need not wait for the blessing. The blessing does not come from any master, or angel, or heaven above. Breathe blessing now. It wells up like a tear from within you, enclosing the universe in a drop of dew. You Are the blessing!

The blessing was always already here, in the beginning, before the Word, when the world arose from the clear blue sky of your own awareness. 

Din of Spring peepers in the wetland, pouring from the uncreated silence of your listening. Green tendrils of water lily, sprouting from the darkest ground of your stillness. Stars that seem beyond the moon, floating in abysmal mirrors of your chest - the perfect polished emptiness that hangs between breaths. 

When you awoke at first light, did the blessing not spill from your face, sprinkling the city with healing? When you opened your eyes, did you not anoint the sun, the snow-bright mountains, pearls of trillium in the cedar forest? 

Earth is bejeweled in the tincture of your amazement. Come a little nearer now. This is your work. Attend to the blessing. Watch where it begins. See the seer.

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