I confess that I have dropped out of all organizations, religious or secular, that preach the dogmas of the Left. This feels as wonderful as liberation from the dogmas of the Right. Freedom is the fresh air between thoughts. For me, the only political movement is the radical revolution of this breath.

As far as I can tell, the Left is a secular form of fundamentalism as dogmatic as the Right. Both Left and Right are so identified with anger, they wouldn't know who they are without it. 

Each side comforts itself by blaming the usual suspects, their favorite scape-goats, for all the problems of a world too complex for the mind to grasp. The Right blames government regulation; "foreign" religions (especially Islam); and the poor, particularly poor people of color.

Equally simplistic, the Left blames successful business entrepreneurs (evil capitalists); American foreign policy (which seems to cause all the violence on earth); and "white privilege," which is the original sin of being born Caucasian.

I thank God for delivering me from the bondage of political correctness! Many of us have freed ourselves from old religions. But now is the time to free ourselves from old politics.

Does this mean I am uncommitted? No, I commit to clarity. I commit to the generosity of Presence. I commit to a love that doesn't need to argue because it is empty enough to listen. Let my political home be the space that contains all all points of view, without being contained by any of them.

This space is compassion. We enter it by saying, "I don't know."

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