Laus Trinitati

Every act of our perception is God's Self-delight.

When I pause to look at this apple bud, I manifest the Holy Trinity: the eye, the blossom, and the delight of perception.

This is God's sacrifice for me. God miniaturizes the Holy Trinity in my most limited and incarnate sensation. My perception of a tiny bud is a hologram that contains all of God's knowledge about Herself.

In apprehending this apple bud, I crucify God into subject and object, so that duality may dance in the wonder of perception, even as the two dissolve back into One through my delight. This is God's passion.

The West calls the divine Self-sacrifice the Holy Trinity. Indian philosophy calls it Sat-Chit-Ananda: Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. Pure Being remains transcendently one, yet is simultaneously a self-relation: aware of itself. Being pulsates with an inner subject-object duality, prior to the creation of the universe. Yet the eternal subject and the eternal object (Christ-child) are eternally united in Self-delight. Pure consciousness is God the Father. The object of consciousness is Christ the Child. The delight through which God beholds Christ in himself is the energy of the Spirit, who is the Mother.

Each act of human perception, bathed is Awareness, is divine conception, the Father and Mother rejoicing in their Child, the created universe.

How could creation not be born of this throbbing love within the stillness of the One? Every photon of light, every sub-atomic particle of matter, is composed of pure bliss, a sparkle of delight thrown out of the churning void, struck off by the joy of Being beholding its Self.

My every taste and touch participates in the hidden ecstasy of God's own delight. I see a white blossom, a star, an infant's eyes, a homeless woman's hand. In each act of perception, the universe is created again, expressly for the purpose of perceiving itself.

And when we gaze into each others eyes, how can we not see God gazing into herself?

The sexual ecstasy of lovers is but the clue to a more essential bliss, available to awakened awareness in every moment of earthly perception, this breath, this touch, this apple bud.

It is incomprehensible that anyone could ever be bored or dissatisfied. Simply to open these eyes, to hear the sound of a robin at first light, to gaze at the stillness of peaches lying on a wooden table, is to be the triune God in the act of Self-creation.

O ocean of souls, O communion of one, O solitude of all!
In the beginning,
the Father gazed
into the mirror of the Spirit
and saw Christ.
That mirror was the womb
of eternal silence,
for even God is mothered
by a mystery.
Then Christ gazed in the mirror
and saw You.
You too were born
of that joy!

(A poem from 'Wounded Bud')

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