When the mind resists, even stillness is chaos. When the mind does not resist, even chaos is stillness.

The quality of the human mind causes the world's tension, conflict, and war - nothing more. The human mind is in a constant state of resistance, creating divisions of party, nation, ethnicity, belief. And these tensions, arising in the mind's resistance, cause all our material crises. There is enough food, enough energy, enough abundance on earth for everyone. It is the mind that stands in the way of healing. We think our problems come from political, social, economic causes, but these problems are effects, not causes. They arise from the contentious and resistant nature of our mind.

If we want to heal our society, our earth, we must begin by healing the mind. And how to heal the mind? Simply drop resistance. Yet so many of our social and political movements are founded on the principle of resistance! They only produce more reaction, more conflict, more resistance.

Whatever we resist will grow. Resistance only increases polarization. It is better to bring attention to the resistance within us, than project it on our "enemy." Resistance only ignites counter-resistance. This is the endless cycle of action-reaction that is called "karma."

I don't have to create karma. I can become aware of resistance in my body, my emotions, my thoughts, then breathe it out. As I breathe out resistance, I can drop the boundaries. I become aware of an infinite space around the resistance, the space beyond the boundaries. That space is outside me and inside me. It is the space of pure compassion.

When resistance melts away, there is boundless space all around my body, and the same boundless space in every atom of my body. Do I have any edges? Is there anything I actually need to resist?

When that space of pure compassion awakens, I become response-able. I can respond to the problem at hand without resistance. This is creative action. Action that responds in the present moment is not re-action, but creativity.

Jesus taught non-resistance. He said, "Resist not the evil one... Love your enemy." He taught exactly what Buddha taught, "Sunya: emptiness." The New Testament calls it "kinosis: self-emptying." The ancient hymn in the Epistle to the Philippians says, "Christ emptied himself." When we empty ourselves of all resistance, we awaken, we respond, we are alive.

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