Penetrating Anger

Don't stop with the mere concept of what makes you angry. Tomorrow the concept will be different, the social, economic or political issue will be new, but exactly the same anger will be there, percolating out of your depths. The concepts we are angry about are just masks for our energy. The truth is, it is our anger that makes us angry.

We don't need to "get our anger out." We need to get into our anger. If someone bothers our mind, it is really our mind that bothers our mind. We can the image of that enemy, the concept of what angers us, but if we penetrate the concept and dive beneath the image into the energy itself, without naming it, we feel this anger as a direct sensation in the body. Then we can let it solidify into a throb. Then we can offer that throbbing energy through the breath and transform it.

Our anger is a sacred energy-flower in the bud, just waiting to bloom and be offered. When we unconditionally offer our anger, it transforms into bliss without any effort. For all our anger ever was is this: a furiously knotted and condensed mass of love.   

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