When Is Anger Useful?

When is anger useful and when is it destructive? I have found that when I put anger into action as 'anger,' it is a disaster. But when I take the time to do the inner work of transforming energy, anger is the loam that nourishes seeds of creativity.

First, de-link the energy of anger from the mind by un-naming it, 'anger.' Then just feel its energy, as energy, in the body. Breathe through that energy and follow its pulsating sensations from the forehead to the throat, to the chest. Don't attempt to change it, just observe the sensations in the embrace of awareness.

I discover that anger, as anger, cannot thrive in the clear air of awareness. In that spaciousness, anger spontaneously unwinds its pent-up grief and lonliness, melting into useful energy, sparkling energy, delightful energy. I discover that what I called 'anger' was just a knot of empathy, too fearful to express itself.

When I follow anger inward to its source, it is love. Now I am ready to take action.

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