Be Smaller Than The Smallest

"Ano raniyan, mahato mahiyan: One atom of the smallest is greater than the greatest." ~Upanishads

Become small. The sum of the divine All is found through subtraction. Be the unambitious sunbeam in a dew drop. Then you can dissolve into the boundless.

Jesus says, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the whole earth." Here the Greek word is πραεῖς (praeis), "powerless and small in stature." It means that those who become smaller than the smallest embrace the vast.

In the Old Testament, Elijah has the same experience. He does not find God in lightning, storm or earthquake. But God speaks in "a still small voice of silence." The Hebrew says, קוֹל דְּמָמָה דַק, "qol d'muma daqa." Literally it means "a voice of finely ground, atomized silence." In his cave on Mount Horeb, Elijah practices deep meditation and enters the sub-nuclear awareness of the quantum vacuum. He hears the voice of the infinite in the infinitesimal. This cures his depression and gives him strength to go back into his prophetic role. (1 Kings, chapter 19)

Every photon is a mass-less, dimensionless, instantaneous portal to eternal Light. Here is the paradox of power. When we humble our mind, reducing the impulse of thought to the finest vibration of silence, our consciousness becomes the boundless expanse of the universe. This is the practice of transcendental deep meditation

"...We are thinking from that level of being - softest, softest, softest - because that is the level of intelligence that is lively at the basis of all creation. So our thought travels all over, and invites all the creativity of innumerable values of natural law (which are the angelic beings and devas). And then with the parental role of the Almighty God, nothing is impossible. Absolutely nothing is impossible.” ~ Maharishi, 14th January 2004.
 Jai Guru Dev

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  1. Beautiful and shining and radiant knowledge...yes this is my experience of TM. <3