Green Tea Haiku

New Age getting old,
Whole Earth frayed at the edges,
but green tea still works...

The world doesn't need
your mind in ceaseless revolt.
It needs you to breathe.

In a sip of tea,
Politics do not exist.
Here, just you and me... 

The whole world conflict
dissolved in green aroma
this very moment.

If you think you are
oppressed, then you are oppressed
by your thoughts. Just stop.

Pour out your anger,
dear desperate anarchist,
into this warm mug.

Surrender your greed
and busy-ness, wealthy one,
into this warm mug.

Come sit together,
sipping some bitter green tea -
no past, no blame.

War is inside you.
You brought it here with you, friend.
Leave it with your shoes...

Sit on this cushion.
Drop injustice at the door.
Presence is your work.

The now of this cup
drowns all yesterdays, may I
serve you more green tea?

You may listen to this poem HERE

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