If You Want Peace, Just Refrain From Being Right

In the actual world, conflict does not exist. There is just a perfect
ocean of energy, dissolving and recreating waves of form, un-caused
and absolutely one. The motionless unbounded whole dances in
itself for the sake of play. Where is the possibility of conflict?

My mind creates conflict, superimposing duality onto wholeness.
Why? Because my mind stimulates itself on opposing viewpoints.
Mind only feels alive when judging, protesting, struggling "against."
To be free of conflict would destroy my belief system, my mental
interpretation of the world. Every belief needs duality, needs a "wrong"
against which it can be "right." The mind feeds on conflict.

The way to peace is just to refrain from being right. Don't solidify
a permanent belief in anything.

Plunge naked into the sea of energy without an interpretation.
Flow through the present moment as a wave of exhilaration,
a sparkling current of Shakti. Freed from all opinions, live in
perfect agreement. Say yes to everyone. Be a newborn child,
a wayfaring fool, a breeze in the sky, a tree dwelling deep in
the forest, even when doing business in the market.

Lost in the green woods,
I forgot both war and peace
Listening to a thrush.

As mind becomes empty, conflict dissolves by itself. I perceive
the world as a dance of stillness. Liberated from belief, how could
I possibly wish harm to any creature?

"This sounds dangerous!" 

Yes, awakening is very risky. Nostrils flare, a panther sensing the wind.
Spine rises, undulating like a cobra. Heart unfolds, an ancient jungle
flower releasing the fragrance of inebriation. I practice the most
extreme and wonderful sport: to believe in nothing.

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