It is so small, and such a waste of energy, to accuse others
of being "privileged." Such resentment arises from a dim
view of oneself. In truth, we are all privileged. It is a
privilege to breathe.

We are privileged because we are the radiance of the Divine.
We are privileged because we embody boundless Light in
every atom of this human form. We are privileged to be
fair-skinned or dark, to be umber, beige, or the color of soil.
We are privileged to be citizens of the earth. We are privileged
to receive the gift of Awareness.

Unfortunately, we have cultivated an entire culture of blame.
Instead of resenting others, why not ennoble our Self-vision?
Why not look inside and see how magnificent we are!
Dropping resentment and comparison, we can discover how
much more energy we have to create happiness.

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