Soul Mate

We've all spent lifetimes looking for that special someone, the One
who must be our final soul mate, our eternal partner, the One who
will make our life so smooth and complete.

But the One we yearn to meet can never be another person, a partner,
a lover, or even the perfect Guru. Impossible. Because then there
would be two, and that wouldn't be the One, would it? It's pretty
obvious, really.

I cannot encounter the One I've been searching for until I surrender
my very search, until I melt into fathomless impeccable solitude, 
until I merge with the edgeless radiance of my own spontaneously 
self-fulfilling energy-field, which is the field of Wholeness. I'm
pretty sure my cat figured this out a long time ago.

No one else can possibly make me happy but me, because happiness
is my nature. It is something to share, not to attain. 

To touch true happiness, I repose in the One I Am. Then, in the
clearest day or the darkest night, I find ten thousand partners to
dance with, all of them waves of the Self.

 Friend, meet me here.

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