Anyone who is bored should be thrown in jail. No one has the right
to be bored. Apathy is the one unpardonable sin: it signifies ingratitude
for the gift of life.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, every particle of your body is a
sparkling galaxy of miraculous new worlds. Right now, you are breathing
atoms that Jesus and the Buddha breathed. Feel the DNA whirling in
your flesh; you contain ancient histories, unfathomable destinies, yet you
are only here for an instant of light. What will you do with this single
moment of infinite significance?

Even if you are unhappy, engage in the night. Taste the textures of your
darkness. Follow the wound, it suppurates wisdom. Enter the bruise, 
it's pain melts into compassion. Let your darkness be a precious stone. 
Allow it to solidify, like an onyx in your chest. Then breathe out,
an offering.

Look at the palm of your hand, a landscape of adventures, mountain
journeys no one else could take. From every cell in your thumb,
ancestors are shouting, 'Yes! Begin! We are with you!' Right now,
sitting on the subway with your blank stare, or riding up the escalator
toward the discount floor, absorbed in Bluetooth replays of your
favorite 70's songs, you could awaken. You could awaken now, get
on the big toe of your left foot, and start spinning.

You could let the Enormous Smile that has been patiently waiting
to swallow you up, expand across your face, devouring your entire
universe in causeless happiness.

To fall in love with existence, even for one second, heals the earth.
Let every heartbeat proclaim, 'From now on, fuck it, I'm crazy!'

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