If I lay all the outrage of the world on one side of the scale, and a single
lightning bug lands on the other, Wonder would still outweigh Injustice.

The world is not divided into "good" and "evil." Chaos and beauty are
not two. Therefor I will never bring healing to the world as an intellect
who stands in judgment over against it, dividing "right" from "wrong."
Any world I could possibly know is a wholeness that includes the knower.

The solution to every conflict is Presence. I heal the world when I own it
as my Self. All of it: not just the unfolding of its gentlest flower, but the
bursting flame of its most terrible tragedy.

The moment I embrace the whole, a silence is born that encircles the
opposites. A stillness surrounds every battle. That stillness, in the heat
of the conflict, is compassion. Then I see that every event is a dissolving
breath, an invitation to astonishment. 

May you sleep like an empty wine-stained cup under the black canopy of
night, undisturbed by the violence at the heart of every beautiful star.

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