The Choice

Human life is a simple but momentous choice: whether to be in conflict or beauty.

Our awareness cannot be in conflict and beauty at the same time, for beauty
is wholeness, conflict is duality.

Mature awareness dwells in beauty, embracing opposites in the glow of paradox.

But Awareness that cannot endure the pain and beauty of paradox, sees only division,
duality: things must be "right" or "wrong."

Beauty enfolds conflict in something more vast, a space of healing and forgiveness. 
There is no beauty in conflict, but in what embraces the conflict.

I am a damned fool. I choose beauty. I choose to see through the eye of the heart.
I agree with Dostoyevsky's idiot, Prince Myshkin: "Beauty will save the world."

(Photo by my beautiful daughter, dahlias on her her patio)

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