The Flower Of Silence Is Your Body

A beautiful soul-friend said to me with longing, "I miss the silence!
How can I find it again?"

This touched me so deeply, I cried. It is the most important question,
the most mature question, yet the question of a child yearning for Mother,
the question of one who could not ask it unless every particle of her body
was already pervaded by the answer!

Dearest one, do not look for silence in the mind. The mind is never silent.

Instead, find silence through the body. Don't pay attention to New Age
 voices that say, "You are not this body." Your body is sacred. Of course
you are this body, and much much more.

The body, not the mind, is the gate of meditation. We no longer need to
separate spirit from matter, heaven from earth.

Let mind dissolve into sensation, sensation into energy, energy into emptiness:
the path to Holy Spirit through Holy Matter - mother "mater."

Descend into the cells of your body. Feel all your molecules vibrating as
one sensation. Nature's intelligence carries out the astonishing complexity
of cell physiology without any planning, without any thinking. Let your
mind repose in bewilderment, be wildered and witness the primal Radiance
of your flesh.

Listen to the bell-bowl of each cell. Feel the hollow places in you, the caverns
in matter. Rest in the cavity of the mid-brain, the no-thing at the center of
the eyeball, the emptiness in the nostrils, ears, throat, chest, heart, belly,
abdomen, bone marrow. How spacious is your body!

Now be aware of the vacuum in a single atom. At any point in your flesh,
enter the silent sub-nuclear vastness beyond the stars.

Tumble down through the center of the densest proton. Fall into That.
Feel the silence...

The total information about every galaxy that ever whirled or will ever
spin forth, is contained in the nameless point, the infinitesimal bindu at
the center of a quark, where all the gravity-waves in creation bring you
home to the singularity of your Self.

Let the particles of your body dissolve into the void, the emptiness that
hums and sparkles with virtual photons and electrons of pure consciousness.
This is the womb of creation, where spirit and matter have not yet divided
into subject and object. Return to your source. You are Silence. Mind struck
dumb with beauty.

Layam vraja, says the sage Ashtavakra: "Dissolve now!"

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