The Still Small Voice

Meditation is listening to God speak. But God's native language is silence.
Therefor, meditation is listening to silence.

Meditation is a conversation beyond language, like the movement of waters
underground before a stream gushes into the light. The silence of meditation
is not empty, but running over with the juice of mutuality, the ebb and flow
of yearning and affection. There are tides in silence, giving and receiving.
Love-play in stillness is the Mystery of our dialog with God.

When the prophet Elijah fled for his life from the priests of Baal, he hid in a
cave on Mount Horeb. Deeply depressed and alone, Elijah listened and watched.
There was an earthquake, then a desert whirlwind, then a bolt of lightning.
But the Lord was not in earth, wind or fire. Then Elijah opened his heart to
pure Presence. Centering down to the formless, he found God in a still small
voice of quiet.

The Hebrew here in 1 Kings 19:12 is very subtle. What Elijah heard was a
qol dmamah daqah. Literally this means:
  • קוֹל "qol" - voice
  • דְּמָמָה  "dmamah" - silent, hardly audible, or murmuring
  • דַקָּה "daqah" - faint, small, fine, ground up
This last word is remarkable and difficult. Its root can mean "to grind up,
to pulverize." Literally, what Elijah heard was, "the sound of a finely atomized
silence." This is an image right out of quantum physics.

Our universe, every particle of it, arises from fluctuations of the vacuum,
where "virtual photons" of light and "virtual electrons" of energy vibrate in
the void: that is, in a finely atomized silence. The vacuum of space is not actually
empty, but granulated with possibilities, teeming with hope, churning with
seeds of new creation.

After Elijah practiced deep meditation in that cave, he felt renewed. He emerged
fresh and charged with a new vision for his people, because, just for a few moments,
he had attuned his heart to the source of creation.

We too can listen to God speak when we practice transcendental deep meditation.
What we receive will not be words, nor mere absence of words, but tidal waves
of energy and light.

Jai Guru Dev

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