"The Way to do is to Be." ~Laotzu

No one, including you, can count the worth of your actions. Let the angels do that. No one can possibly tell which butterfly wing will stir a tornado of transformation.

Just do what you are doing, "Age quod agis," your heart reposing in the ocean of Presence. Even the mightiest work, without the force of Being in it, comes to naught. Even the gentlest breath, rooted in divine silence, turns the world.

Our beliefs, our words, even our deeds are not so significant as we think. Our words and deeds are are like a mirage compared to our Being.

Beliefs vanish the moment we fall asleep, or when a crisis occurs. People in crisis often do the opposite of what they believe in doing.

Words are a babbling brook, lost in the white noise of gossip or media. We hardly remember today what yesterday said...

Even our deeds are hollow. One might spend decades establishing a charitable institution, or a thriving business, only to see it wiped away by the fluctuations of the market, or the advent of a new government. One might spend half a lifetime helping Third World citizens rebuild their village, only to see it swept away in a sudden typhoon, or despoiled by political violence. 
"Surely the people are grass. The grass withers and the flowers fall,  
but the word of our God endures forever.”  ~Isaiah 40
We can never determine whose deed will affect the world. The hardest worker may waste energy, producing nothing in the end. But a genius of good fortune may perform a single act, gracefully and with little effort, that produces undying inspiration in the hearts of millions.

When thoughts, words and deeds are truly effective, it is not because thought, word and deed have lasting value in themselves; they are just dissolving forms. They have value insofar as they are vehicles for Being.

When you hear words or encounter works that move you, transform you, inspire you, it is the Being that flows through them that you feel. The form of the stem is only a conductor for the sap.

This is why the merest touch, the faintest whisper of an enlightened Master changes one's life far more than the political arguments or "good works" of the most impassioned activist. This luminous whisper, this gentle breath, annihilates one's past in eternal Presence. All is made new.

It is not our thoughts, words and deeds that transform the earth, but waves of Presence from our hearts. Do you really want to be a mover and shaker of the world? Then practice deep meditation, morning and evening, to prepare your heart for action.

Sink into the ocean of Being. Then innocently do whatever small works need doing that day, as waves rising from stillness. Say what few words must be spoken. For however plain your words, however humble your deeds, they may be channels through which vibrations of healing enter the world.

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