'Forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors.' ~Matthew 6:12

Maybe we should all pay each other reparations for what our ancestors did,
and when we find that everyone owes an infinite amount to everyone else,
we can all agree to forgive the debt and live as one human family in the
present moment.

But this is not about money.

At each moment, with each breath, we are free to assume the burden of the past, 
or let it go. Yet so many of us would rather imagine that, whatever the burden 
we carry, someone else is doing it to us. So we make up a story about it, full of 
blame and victimhood. And this story tells itself over and over in our mind, 
clouding and o're-shadowing the clear diamond radiance of the Present Moment, 
which is pure love. Love needs no story.
Presence is so much happier than any story about the past. And presence is
always infinitely available. This is the grace of Being.

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