I Have Decided Not To Grow Up

After more than half a century of thinking about this, I have finally decided not to grow up.

If you are plagued by any question - political, economic, or philosophical - just ask a little kid, and take their answer seriously.

We are at our best when we listen to children, and respond to them with devotion.

"Children's" books and films are far more visionary than those labeled "adult." Most products labeled "adult" are, in fact, addictions and obsessions.

The adults who lead our governments and armies, our banks and corporations, even our academic institutions, are far less trustworthy than five-year-olds. Those who "succeed" in the adult world share one common trait: a chronic lack of real spontaneous joy.

Most of what I believed in as a little child turned out to be true, including the realms of elfin and faery magic, the celestial worlds permeating plant physiology, and the advice of animals. The qualities I most often value in great "art" are intimations of what I once possessed as a child. And most of what I was taught by adults in school and college turned out to be propaganda, driven by a neurotic competition for status. The most important lessons in school, especially kindergarten, were the primal social skills, like sharing, waiting your turn, and basic courtesy.

I have concluded that this planet would be far better off if it were governed by kids, dolphins and elves. Seriously.

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