No Garden

No garden, no mind.
Grow weeds.
Let them gesture and blossom
as noblemen who bow.
Let there be a meadow like your body
without edges
where a rose pours into its bee,
the bee surrenders to honey,
the honey melts on your tongue,
evaporates into a kiss
that disappears into the sound
of the empty flute,
and God knows where that breath goes!
Let soil dissolve into rain.
Let rain dissolve into sky.
Let sky dissolve into a sunbeam.
Let that greatest of all fires
be snuffed out in the breathless vacuum
at the center of an atom.
Now let empty space pervade the bones
and emptiness awaken.
O mind, be silenced by the vast soul.
May this playful droplet, 
this tiniest of all pearl selves,
return to the ocean of wonder.

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