To Settle Into Stillness

Through the gift of meditation, mind begins to settle into stillness.
Then I am no longer stuck in the outworn grooves of anger and
blame. I can sink through a portal of silence into the deeper music
of creation, where an effortless interior harmony reminds me that
the cosmos is woven from a single thread: the vibration of Love.

Let me follow this trembling string of affection, the song of the name,
the mantra, calling me inward. This vibration is the gift of the Master,
leading me back to creation's source, where All Mother spins the
universal web for one purpose: that Love may fall in love with Love
in countless hearts.

Now it is self-evident that laughter and mourning, injustice and
compassion, chaos and community, intimacy and sleepless despair,
the whole bewildering dance of opposites, whirls as one majestic
pattern of divine Beauty, whether it be a galaxy or an atom of dust,
a breath, or the spiral of a human lifetime; and it is all a play in the
theater of Consciousness.

Love has gifted me with the freedom to design my own lessons
moment by moment - though in the instant of instruction I hardly
remember that this experience was orchestrated by my deeper Self,
to teach me precisely what I need to learn at this step of evolution,
so that my heart may release itself from fear, and surrender to more
intimate wholeness.

Finally I come to realize that Love is just another name for an
unconditional embrace of the present moment, just as it arises,
gently or furiously, in the still mirror of my own Self.

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