Breath of Gaia

I've been seeing photo after photo of American hunters posing with
dead lions, rhinos, giraffes, including Donald Trump's son posing
with an elephant he just murdered. I was going to post one of these
pictures to talk about, but I can't honor such images of ignorance.

What I need to say is: only the most pathetic and insecure men prove
their manhood by murdering beautiful wild animals. Their "sport"
disgusts and saddens me beyond grief, especially because it is the
same mentality that generates our weapons industry, and U.S. 
foreign policy toward indigenous people in the First World.

My grief takes me to a place in the heart, not a place of bitterness, but
a place of justice, where I can begin to sense truth from the perspective
of Gaia, begin to see through the eyes of her gentle winged and
swimming friends, her four-legged and green-leafed friends.

Mother Gaia is kind. Don't worry. With a deft series of earth quakes,
tsunamis and solar flares, her body will shake off the disease. She will
dissolve over seven and a half billion human beings, leaving a small
remnant to build a paradise on the New Earth. When this happens,
there will not be suffering on the planet: quite the contrary. All the
non-human species of flora and fauna will breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Yet even now, we can breathe that sigh with them, that cleansing breath
in sympathy with earth's creatures, through the practice of meditation,
pranayam, and sudarshan kriya. For this is true yoga: attunement with
the breath of Gaia.

Link to research on the Healing Breath: Sudarshan Kriya

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